Dental FAQ

I would love to have my smile brightened and whitened. Can your Geelong dental practice do that for me?

Absolutely! Dentistry of Excellence specialises in cosmetic dentistry.

Do you offer a range of dental services at Dentistry of Excellence?

Dentistry of Excellence is a general dentistry practice providing a full range of dental services to patients of all ages and we strive to be your family dentist of choice.

Do you see children at your Geelong dental practice?

Yes, we do! Dentistry of Excellence actively encourages children to visit the dentist as early as one year of age. Our children’s dental practice promotes optimal dental health by teaching your little ones the best way to take care of their teeth and gums as well as gently carrying out any necessary procedures.

Can I wear my new dentures to bed at night?

Our dentists advise that it is best to remove your dentures at night before going to sleep. This takes the pressure off your gums and gives them a chance to breathe.

I’ve heard a lot about teeth whitening in the media lately. Is it really safe?

There are many different types and methods of teeth whitening and there are indeed some methods that are quite harsh on your teeth. At Dentistry of Excellence, our dentists only recommend and carry out gentle and yet effective teeth whitening at our dental practice in Geelong. Our dentists and dental nurses will happily answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Is root canal therapy as painful as I’ve heard?

At our practice, root canal therapy actually relieves pain rather than causes it. Our experienced and caring dentists take care to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure and once the damaged tissue is removed from the tooth, the pain is relieved.