Dentists Belmont, Geelong

Dentistry of Excellence is a team of dentists in Belmont, Geelong that supply our patients with a wide range of general dentistry procedures and treatments for the whole family, including dental examinations, dentures, snoring mouth guards, sporting mouth guards, dental splints, preventive dentistry, oral care, gum disease treatment, root canal therapy, tooth extractions, wisdom teeth removal, and tooth fillings.

Dentistry of Excellence is founded on the principle of offering the best possible dental care to all people in the community, whether we’re offering emergency dental care or a cosmetic dental procedure such as teeth whitening, the same focus on the quality of care remains.

Our customers love coming to us because we have a focus on creating an ongoing relationship that ensures their dental needs are looked after for years to come, we’re not looking to create a transactional one-off relationship with our customers, we want to be their trusted local dentist that they can rely on to put their needs first.

As the chosen children’s dentist for many Geelong families, we are committed to providing specially catered dental services to people both young and old. With over 20 years of both local and international dental experience, Dentistry of Excellence founder Dr Julie Rahmanian has treated people from all kinds of cultural and social backgrounds and uses strong interpersonal skills to make patients feel welcomed and comfortable in the clinic.

Where emergency dental care and treatment is needed, you can again rely on Dentistry of Excellence. Contact us when you need the best general dentist Geelong has to offer and we can provide you with the advice and treatment you need. Phone (03) 5243 1255 to book an appointment.

Dental Examinations

At Dentistry of Excellence, our Geelong dentists recommend regular dental examinations to maintain optimal oral health and to pinpoint trouble areas as early as possible. A dental examination in Geelong at our Belmont clinic is a painless and fairly quick procedure that involves our dentist checking your mouth, gums and teeth for cavities or gum disease....
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Dentures or false teeth are a way of replacing all or some of your natural teeth where infection, gum disease, injury or a trauma has led to the loss of those natural teeth. Dentures don’t just replace lost or missing teeth and give you back your smile, but also provide support for the structure of...
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When you require the best emergency dentist Geelong has to offer, contact us here at your dental practice of choice, Dentistry of Excellence. We will give you advice over the phone and determine whether you need immediate emergency dental care or we can schedule an appointment as soon as possible for you. Emergency Dentist for...
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Preventive Dentistry & Oral Care

Practising preventive dentistry is a major factor in greatly reducing your chances of suffering from dental problems such as gum disease, dental cavities and more. Your local Geelong dental clinic is your first line of defence in the prevention of dental problems. At Dentistry of Excellence the best dentist Geelong has to offer, we can create an oral...
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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy or “endodontics” can make many patients quite apprehensive. But you really don’t need to worry! Treatment actually eliminates the infection and provides your tooth with protection from further bacterial infection. The results will relieve you from the pain you are probably currently experiencing. Our Geelong dentist will talk you through the whole...
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Splints & Mouthguards

Dental injuries are an unfortunate occurrence on the sporting field for both adults and children alike. One of the best ways to protect the mouth is to invest in a mouthguard made especially to fit your mouth by your family dentist located in Belmont, Geelong. While more expensive than ready-made sport mouthguards, custom-made mouth guards are...
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Tooth Extractions & Fillings

There are a number of scenarios when tooth extraction in Geelong is necessary. A tooth might be too damaged or infected and cannot be repaired or saved. There might be an issue of space in the mouth, a superfluous tooth, a wisdom tooth, or a tooth that needs to be removed to make room for...
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