Dental examinations, Belmont, Geelong

At Dentistry of Excellence, our Geelong dentists recommend regular dental examinations to maintain optimal oral health and to pinpoint trouble areas as early as possible.

A dental examination in Geelong at our Belmont clinic is a painless and fairly quick procedure that involves our dentist checking your mouth, gums and teeth for cavities or gum disease. We might recommend x-rays if our dentist is concerned there may be underlying problems such as internal tooth decay, bone loss or a dental infection.

An x-ray will also show us how your upper and lower teeth line up and if there are any issues with correct alignment. This is of particular importance for our younger patients as we can determine how their teeth are coming into their mouth and the number, size and position of their teeth. If orthodontic treatment is considered necessary in the future, we can help to prepare your child’s teeth for that treatment, including braces and invisible braces.

If you have any concerns about your teeth or maybe you are considering cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening to brighten your smile, we can help!