Tooth Fillings & Extractions Belmont, Geelong

There are a number of scenarios when tooth extraction in Geelong is necessary. A tooth might be too damaged or infected and cannot be repaired or saved. There might be an issue of space in the mouth, a superfluous tooth, a wisdom tooth, or a tooth that needs to be removed to make room for the remaining teeth to grow properly. Dental extraction might seem a frightening prospect for both children and adults alike, but it needn’t be.

Tooth fillings are necessary where tooth decay or cavities are present. Once a hole forms in a tooth, the body is unable to repair it. Fillings are the way we can save a tooth from further decay and stop any pain the decay might be causing.

Like root canal therapy, wisdom teeth removal is another dental procedure that can make patients quite apprehensive. But it shouldn’t!

Each Geelong dentist here at Dentistry of Excellence based in Belmont strives to make our patients feel comfortable and stress-free both before and during any dental procedure. We also take particular care with our younger patients, taking the time to provide exceptional children’s dental services at all times. We make sure that it’s not just the mum and dad who understand what happens when we are removing a tooth or filling a tooth. We also want our young patients to feel calm and comfortable about any treatment that may need to take place and explain the treatment in a way that makes sense to a child.

Ensure you are in the best dental health you can be with regular appointments and checkups with your dentists at Dentistry of Excellence. Contact our friendly team on 03 5243 1255 today to make an appointment for you and your family if you need tooth fillings or teeth extractions.