Teeth Bonding Belmont, Geelong

We have many patients ask us about improving their smile by fixing one or more teeth. They might have a broken tooth or teeth that have discoloured and are no longer pearly white.

A tooth can be damaged in numerous ways, whether a knock on the sporting field, a fall or chewing on something hard.

Teeth can also become discoloured due to smoking, poor dental hygiene, use of certain medications such as some antibiotics, antihistamines and high blood pressure drugs.

So when would our dentists consider recommending tooth bonding? There are a number of different uses for tooth bonding, including:

  • To alter the shape of a tooth or make it longer
  • To whiten teeth that have become discoloured
  • To repair a cracked tooth
  • To repair a chipped tooth
  • To fill a space between teeth and even out your smile.

Teeth bonding is the quickest and easiest way to mend a cracked or discoloured tooth or teeth. In addition, dental bonding can be done during the one visit to the best local dentist in Geelong at Dentistry Of Excellence.

The procedure for having a tooth bonded is simple and generally does not need anaesthesia unless a decayed tooth is being filled. Our dentist will roughen the surface of your tooth slightly to help the bonding material stick to the tooth. The bonding material is a resin that is tooth-coloured and it is smoothed over the area needing to be repaired or reshaped. The resin is hardened with a laser or ultraviolet light and we then finish off shaping and smoothing the resin to ensure it blends seamlessly with your other teeth.

There are other dental procedures that can be considered other than teeth bonding. Crowns and dental bridges can fill and repair larger spaces or damaged teeth, and teeth whitening is another way to get a whiter, brighter smile. Our friendly and experienced dentists will discuss all your options with you before determining which procedure is best suited to your needs and situation.