Emergency Dentist Belmont, Geelong

When you require the best emergency dentist Geelong has to offer, contact us here at your dental practice of choice, Dentistry of Excellence. We will give you advice over the phone and determine whether you need immediate emergency dental care or we can schedule an appointment as soon as possible for you.

Emergency Dentist for root canal and emergency tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth

Don’t waste time on over-the-counter medications when you have severe toothache. Are you in serious pain when your tooth comes into contact with cold, heat or pressure? If so, you need to see a toothache emergency dentist as soon as possible.

There are a number of causes for severe toothache and the cause of the pain needs to be treated. Often the treatment needed is tooth extraction including emergency wisdom teeth removal or emergency root canal treatment in Belmont, Geelong.

Sporting or other injuries

It is an unfortunately fairly common occurrence for a tooth to be knocked out during a sporting competition or a fall. Whether it’s a ball, bat or opponent’s shoulder, all can knock out a tooth in a collision with someone’s mouth. In this situation, find the tooth if you can and contact your emergency dentist immediately. If you cannot get to the dentist within one hour, rinse the tooth in a weak solution of salt water or milk. Where you have been able to retrieve a whole adult tooth with the root still intact, place the clean tooth back in the socket.

To give yourself or your children the very best protection against injuries to the mouth on the sporting field, invest in a mouthguard. Dentistry of Excellence makes and fits mouth guards for both children and adults.

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