Dentures Belmont, Geelong

Dentures or false teeth are a way of replacing all or some of your natural teeth where infection, gum disease, injury or a trauma has led to the loss of those natural teeth.

Dentures don’t just replace lost or missing teeth and give you back your smile, but also provide support for the structure of your face and allow you to eat foods that would otherwise be off the menu if you did not have teeth.

There are two types of dentures our Geelong dentists might suggest depending on your individual circumstances.

Partial dentures

Which are generally attached to your natural teeth. This is done by either metal clasps or other attachments which cannot be seen. We can also make removable partial dentures.

Full or removable dentures

There are two ways of fitting full dentures. The first is “immediate dentures”. Our dentist will remove your remaining teeth and fit an immediate denture on the very same day. You return to our dental clinic as your gums heal for further adjustments to ensure your dentures fit snugly and you are happy with the result.

The second more common method is with “conventional dentures”. Our dentist will remove any remaining teeth and then wait for the gums to completely heal before fitting the dentures.

Denture care

We are committed to being the best dentures dentist Geelong has to offer providing ongoing care once you have your dentures made and fitted. It is vital you take the time to take care of your dentures as this will ensure your mouth and gums stay healthy.

Here are a few tips for cleaning your dentures:

  • Hold the denture gently in the middle. Don’t hold the outer ends of the denture as this can cause them to snap under pressure from cleaning. If you do snap or break your denture, don’t panic. We can carry out denture repairs where needed. Just give our Belmont, Geelong clinic a call and make a time to come in and see us.
  • To protect your dentures against damage if they are dropped while cleaning, hold them over a basin of water or even a towel. Both provide a soft landing for your denture!
  • Make sure you use a special denture brush and paste to clean all surfaces of your dentures. Normal toothbrushes and toothpaste are too harsh.
  • Remember to brush your gums and the roof of your mouth as well. Your mouth still needs brushing even though you no longer have some or all of your teeth!
  • Keep your dentures in a glass of cold water overnight – they need to be kept moist when not in use. There are special solutions you can use too, although they are not strictly necessary.

For all other dental care and treatments, talk to our friendly and knowledgeable team here at our Belmont dental clinic in Geelong, Dentistry of Excellence. We offer extensive preventive dentistry advice and treatment and we are available to offer emergency dental care and treatment where necessary.

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