Occlusal Splints & Mouthguards, Belmont, Geelong

Dental injuries are an unfortunate occurrence on the sporting field for both adults and children alike. One of the best ways to protect the mouth is to invest in a mouthguard made especially to fit your mouth by your family dentist located in Belmont, Geelong. While more expensive than ready-made sport mouthguards, custom-made mouth guards are more comfortable and offer more protection, making them your best choice.

If you participate in sporting activities in and around Geelong, mouthguards will prevent or lessen injuries that might be caused by a fall or close contact with other participants.

Snoring mouthguards

Many of us know how annoying it is to have a partner who snores Рin fact up to fifty percent of adults snore! But did you know that the answer to snoring can be as simple as having a snoring mouth guard made and fitted?

A snoring mouth guard positions the lower jaw forward which opens the airway at the back of the throat which can stop snoring.

Sleep apnoea mouth guard

Sleep apnoea is a more serious form of snoring affecting about five percent of adults. A partial collapse of the airway in the throat will cause snoring; a severe collapse can be severe enough to stop breathing. A sleep apnoea mouth guard or “mandibular advancement device” (MAD) is one of the most effective treatments to control this condition.

Our Geelong dentist will advise you of the best type of oral appliance for your individual circumstances. The most common sleep apnoea mouth guard is made to fit your mouth and gums over both your top and bottom teeth. By pushing the lower jaw forward, the airway is opened.

Do you grind your teeth when you sleep?

Grinding or clenching your teeth is an involuntary habit that can cause gradual wear to your teeth which over time can lead to serious damage. You can actually cause your teeth to become painfully sensitive and grinding can even lead to fractures.

To help counter the effects of grinding or bruxism, our dentist might recommend having an occlusal splint made to fit your mouth. Designed to be worn at night, a dental splint won’t stop you grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw. It will, however, take the pressure off your jaw and protect your teeth from the effects of bruxism.

In addition to individually fitting and making mouthguards for sport and snoring, our Belmont, Geelong dental practice offers an extensive range of dental care and treatments. Contact us on 03 5243 1255 to make an appointment today.