Teeth Whitening, Belmont, Geelong

Most of us would love a brighter and whiter smile than nature has given us, or maybe our diet or the use of certain medications has dulled our pearly whites. Whatever the reason, teeth whitening is an easy and relatively affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure that is carried out by our Belmont based dentists in the heart of Geelong here at Dentistry of Excellence.

There is a subtle difference between teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. Tooth whitening will restore teeth to their natural colour, whereas the process of bleaching teeth enables a dentist to whiten teeth to a colour beyond the tooth’s natural whiteness.

While there are many at-home teeth whitening products and kits that are readily available from supermarkets and pharmacies, we strongly advise you seek the advice of a dentist before attempting to whiten your teeth at home. The process of whitening teeth can cause mild to severe tooth sensitivity and even burning and temporary bleaching of the gums when done incorrectly.

Our Geelong dentists will assess your teeth and advise you of the options you have for teeth whitening. You may have one or more teeth that are severely discoloured and these would best be improved by a dental veneer, dental bonding or even dental crowns.

Geelong teeth whitening specialists

For most teeth whitening though, we offer and would recommend our home tooth whitening system that is easy to use and gentle on your teeth and gums. A custom-fitted tray is worn over your teeth either for a short period of time during the day or overnight. Under the supervision of the Geelong dentists at Dentistry of Excellence, you will have a brighter and whiter smile in a matter of days, at all times ensuring the health of your teeth and gums.

For more information on how we can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted, phone (03) 5243 1255 to make an appointment at Dentistry of Excellence.