Cosmetic dentistry in Geelong can boost your smile

January 31, 2018

If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth to boost your smile, then you need to talk to an expert in cosmetic dentistry in Geelong.

And that’s Dr Julie Rahmanian, who offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental services at Dentistry of Excellence in Belmont.

Whether your teeth are stained from your diet or smoking, discoloured from long-term use of certain medications, chipped from a sporting accident, cracked or simply missing through decay and extraction, the experienced dentist can discuss ways to improve the aesthetics of your smile and your oral health.

We all know how important a brilliant smile can be. If you’re not happy with your smile because of the condition of your teeth, then it’s time to take action and regain your grin and your confidence.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry Geelong clients won’t be disappointed by the range of services provided by Dentistry of Excellence’s team. From dental crowns to teeth whitening, we’ve got you covered.

Quality crowns can help strengthen a weakened tooth and denal bridges are an attractive, cost-effective option for people with missing teeth. While dental bridges make an instant aesthetic difference, they can also reduce strain and wear on adjacent teeth and improve your oral health.

Teeth bonding is another simple solution to a range of problems including chips and discolouration. For some people, having yellowing teeth or large, obvious chips is embarrassing and makes them hide their smile in public. Teeth bonding is a swift solution, which can be carried out in one dental visit, and can make a big difference to people’s confidence.

Dental veneers – very thin shells of material the same colour as teeth –  are another great way to improve your smile.

You can also ask about our home tooth whitening system, carried out by you at home under dental guidance. It’s a simple way to get whiter teeth without causing damage to their surface.

So if you have concerns about the appearance of your teeth, talk to Dentistry of Excellence’s friendly team about cosmetic dentistry in Geelong and stop hiding your smile. Please contact us for more information or to book an appointment.