The Geelong family dentists preventing dental disasters this festive season

November 28, 2018

Wyatt Ryan is a team of experienced and knowledgeable family dentists in Geelong that ensure families maintain strong oral hygiene practices and have fantastic smiles. As Christmas approaches many families have a tendency to get lazy with their teeth cleaning regimes. This combined with the consumption of sugary foods and drinks can result in tooth decay, increased harmful bacteria and even broken teeth.

Now, as dentists we could sit here and say that you should avoid all sweet things this Christmas and keep your teeth protected – no more candy canes, chocolate or other sweet foods. But we’re not that naive (nor are we the Grinch)! We know that everyone treats themselves over Christmas, and why shouldn’t you? After all, you’ve probably had a long year and you deserve it. It’s a time for celebration and family, not restriction.

However, there is still a way to enjoy a bit of the best of both worlds, by booking the family in to have a dental check up over the holidays – preferably after Christmas. We can make sure you haven’t done too much damage to your teeth or gums over the holiday season and carry out a thorough clean to get rid of any nasty bacteria that has found a home since your last visit.

Having a dental checkup after Christmas is especially important for the little ones in your family, who arguably do the most damage to their teeth over the holiday season. We can take them through their cleaning routine and make it fun for them to tend to their teeth on a daily basis.

Worried about tooth decay? We can also carry out fissure sealing which ensures the parts of your teeth that are unreachable by brushing or flossing are protected from tooth decay.

Contact the go-to dentists for Geelong families and make a booking for the New Year to ensure your family maintains their oral health.