What kind of mouthguard should you get if you play sport in Geelong?

September 25, 2018

The best mouthguard for Geelong athletes is one fitted and specially made by our dentists to fit and stay in your mouth. When it comes to teeth you can never be too cautious, so when partaking in any sport in which you can expect contact, whether it’s professionally or for fun on the weekend – it’s important that you have a mouthguard that sufficiently protects your teeth from damage.

Many people partaking in sport choose the cheap and easy option of a ready-made moulded mouthguard, thinking that this will be ‘good enough’. However, due to the generic nature of a ready-made product many people learn the hard way that these mouthguards do not protect your teeth properly against direct contact.

These kinds of mouthguards often do not fit tightly or stay in your mouth properly, meaning they often do not stop damage to your teeth or stop them from falling out.

On the other hand, a mouthguard specially moulded to fit your mouth and shield your teeth by a qualified dentist will give you the confidence to run out and play your favourite sport knowing your teeth are protected against damage.

Not only are the mouthguards made by Dentistry of Excellence designed to keep your teeth safe, our mouthguards are also much more comfortable and easy to play in compared to ready-made moulds.

Protecting your teeth should be a priority when participating in any contact sports, whether you’re a professional or just doing it casually, a high quality mouthguard fitted by a dentist is a necessity.

To find out more about the benefits of our dentist made mouthguards for Geelong sportspeople you should contact the Dentistry of Excellence, we also make a range of mouthguards specially for sleep apnoea, snoring mouthguards or if you grind your teeth in your sleep.