Affordable teeth whitening makes Geelong residents smile

October 31, 2019

Getting brighter, whiter teeth has never been easier! There is no longer a reason not to create your ideal smile. The Dentistry Of Excellence provides Geelong residents with teeth whitening both as a cosmetic procedure in our clinic and with take home kits as well.

We know the festive season and summer in general can have people feeling self conscious about their smile, especially when you’re meeting new people, relatives you haven’t seen for a while or simply being asked to be in more photos.

At Dentistry of Excellence we specialise in helping our patients smile with confidence with pain-free, highly effective teeth whitening solutions that will have seeing noticeable results in no time at all.

As the idea of having a whiter, brighter smile has become more popular as has off-the-shelf teeth whitening, unfortunately these kits often don’t take into account the sensitivity of an individuals teeth and gums, which can result in issues going forward.

Therefore it’s important to speak to a dentist before going ahead with any products. The Dentistry Of Excellence have developed a custom teeth whitening kit that is molded to fit your mouth and individual teeth whitening needs.

When you come in for a consultation our dentists will give you practical information you can implement to ensure a whiter smile going forward, along with in-house treatment and a teeth whitening kit that will make sure you’re showing off those pearly whites in no time at all.

Our own teeth whitening product is also suitable for people with sensitive teeth. Contact us to find out more about our teeth whitening options in Geelong.