Your Geelong family dentists sepcialising in overall dental health and well-being

December 20, 2019

Whether you’re in your 40s and haven’t visited the dentist in 10+ years or have children and want them to learn proper dental care from an early age, our Geelong family dentists specialise in comprehensive, overall dental health care that will ensure your entire family practices proper oral hygiene, and gets to show off their amazing smiles!

As we close in on the festive season, many of us take the time to let go and celebrate the holiday season, this can result in us consuming foods or beverages that may not be optimal for our teeth, and our oral health routine can often suffer during this period, but that’s okay! It’s completely natural to want to take a break and enjoy the festive season, but we would certainly recommend organising a check up to help you get back on in the New Year.

We’re now open for bookings in 2020 for the whole family. We can do a thorough examination and help each family create a dental and oral health plan that suits their individual needs. Our dentists specialise in children’s dental services, from preventing tooth decay, to tooth removal and fillings.

We are also experienced in creating dental plans for children that make oral hygiene fun and interactive for them. Often children get into the habit of seeing brushing or looking after their teeth as something that is a chore, instead of something they enjoy. We can help change that!

For comprehensive dental care from a local dentist that can care for the whole family, contact our family dentists in Geelong.