Children’s dental specialists in Geelong

June 30, 2018

With child tooth decay worryingly on the rise, the time is right to book an appointment with your GeelongĀ children’s dental specialists.

At Dentistry of Excellence, we are seeing an increasing trend of children not being introduced to dentists until they are three or older.

We recommend parents organise a dental visit for their kids from a young age to startĀ building a life-long habit of good dental hygiene and care. It’s about keeping young mouths healthy, teeth in tip-top condition and decay at bay for babies to big kids and beyond. And that important partnership with a dentist can start even before your child turns one.

Recent research by The Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll paints a grim picture of child oral health in Australia, revealing that dental decay is a growing problem.

As specialists in children’s dental services in Geelong, dental decay is our enemy and we know that regular check-ups play a major role in prevention and early treatment. Our team of family dentists often carry out x-rays on children’s teeth to get a clear understanding of what’s happening in the mouth, making sure there are no nasty surprises down the track for them to face.

The RCH poll, which surveyed more than 2070 parents of almost 4000 children early this year, uncovered concerning figures about children’s oral health and parental understanding of dental care. The poll reveals –

  • One in ten preschoolers have had a filling due to decay, while the corresponding figure for school-aged children is even higher at one in three;
  • 31 per cent of preschoolers haven’t visited a dentist and only 17 per cent have clocked up a visit by the time they turned two;
  • 33 per cent of children don’t have their teeth brushed the recommended two times a day;
  • One in 20 toddlers experience a hospital admission because of dental decay.
  • And one in 10 kids go through the process of having at least one tooth extracted due to decay before they hit their ninth birthday.

Dental experts connected to the RCH Poll stressed that dental decay was largely preventable and urged parents to take their kids for a professional dental exam at least once a year from the time they turn one.

Our experienced children’s dental team in Geelong works hard to make sure dental exams are positive experiences for children. From babies to teens, we’ve got you covered.

If you think it’s time your child had their first visit to the dentist, contact Dentistry of Excellence today to make an appointment.