Professional tooth fillings a superior solution

April 30, 2018

While it’s great to have a DIY approach to many things in life, your teeth deserve professional care from trained dentists.

But, incredibly, the popularity of do-it-yourself dental kits is on the rise as people look to carry out tooth fillings, whiten and even realign their own teeth with no experience.

At Dentistry of Excellence our dentists are experienced and qualified to carry out a range of dental procedures including extractions, root canals and tooth fillings in Geelong. We provide quality care and work hard to deliver the best oral care outcome for your teeth.

Let’s face it, your teeth are too important – from both appearance and health perspectives – to play around with. Taking a DIY approach to dental care using a kit you’ve bought online may do more harm than good.

When you visit Dentistry of Excellence, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing our dentists have a deep understanding of the procedures they carry out. It’s about having the knowledge to offer quality treatment plans and backing these with professional procedures and follow-up oral health care.

If you need tooth fillings in Geelong, or other dental treatment, it’s time to visit a professional you can trust to carry out high-standard work. And the key word is “professional”. That’s someone with approved dentistry qualifications who knows what they’re doing – not an amateur with an online kit.

Our dentists will be able to carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, checking for decay, gum disease and any other problems. We can perform any necessary preventative measures and work with you to keep your oral care on the right path for years to come.

Your teeth are well worth protecting. They do a power of work every day and they can play a major role in your health, your appearance and your confidence.

For excellent dental care including professional tooth fillings Geelong clients can’t go wrong with Dentistry of Excellence’s team. Please contact us today to book an appointment.